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April 15, 2009 § Leave a comment

Today was the nicest day that I’ve had in a long time, weather-wise. I’ve been watching the weather at home and it’s been cloudy and rainy which almost makes me wish I were staying here for the summer. Maintenance has been mowing all of the little lawns everywhere and the grass is greening up since they’ve gotten rid of a lot of the sand and gravel they used for the icy sidewalks all winter.

I spent my morning finishing up some assignments and I just wrote a short essay about a movie, Gallipoli (Mel Gibson was so young in that!). The rest of the school day will consist of an hour and a half of lecture and then a study group meeting. It will be about 5 by the time all of that is over and I hope Kristy won’t have volleyball practice so she can join me for dinner.

Count down to summer: 15 days

It turned out that I was able to meet with Kristy, which wasn’t quite what I expected because her two teammates were there and I guess I’m not quite uncomfortable with them, but I’m not comfortable either. I’ve just got to work on being more open with new people.

After dinner, we walked up and down the length of campus, which can’t be more than a mile, but it felt great to be out in the sun in only a t-shirt and jeans. I tried to take a couple photos of the flowers on campus, but I feel so weird taking pictures in front of people, especially with a point and shoot.

I finished up some knitting today. I’m blocking my Ishbel shawl on my bed right now, which probably wasn’t such a good idea this close to needing to sleep in my bed. I’ve got to finish my geology lab between tonight and tomorrow because today was the last lab day! Lab exam on Tuesday which will be my first of six exams, but I’m not sure if this one really counts because it’s part of another course that also has a lecture exam. My weekend will be full of reading for my Business Law exam that is on Tuesday as well. I don’t think I could have found a more boring class (knock on wood!).


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