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September 8, 2009 § 3 Comments

I’ve been back at school for a couple weeks now and I guess it’s finally time that I should put up some photos of our apartment. (click the mosaic to go to the flickr set)It’s only about three or four miles away from campus, which is nice. We’ve got downstairs neighbors who aren’t very annoying at all. The only thing I can really complain about is our mailboxes, or rather, the lackthereof.  There are three mailboxes down by the road, which would work just fine if more than one of them had a door. We got notes in them last week from the USPS saying that we needed “new, bigger mailboxes”. My housemate took that note to our landlord’s office, but I don’t think she presented it very well because she seems to think that the secretary thought that we wanted a new mailbox, just beacause.  It’s supposed to be done by today or our mail service will be suspended until we get it fixed.  SIGH.  I just might have to go back to his office and check on it tomorrow.  If you want it done right…

In knitting news, I’ve been finished a sweater, but I still have to weave in all the ends before I can get finished photos.

A look at the insides, ’cause you know you want to.


§ 3 Responses to college livin’

  • Holly B says:

    That sweater is lovely!!! Great work inside and out!

    Get that new mail box girl! Make it giant! GIANT I tell you!

    xoxo and miss you too!

    Oh, the Ogre showed me where Houghten is on the map. Now I’m worried you’re going to fall off. Walk carefully.

  • Love how your sweater turned out! You knit so beautifully. Love the apartment. Boy, does that ever take me back to my college days. Other than a bigger TV, the futon, etc all look the same. Sigh, I miss those days sometimes.

    Get that mail situation under control so I can send you a snail mail package.

  • Tracyb says:

    That’s a pretty sweater! Enjoy the sunshine and nice weather up here, I fear it won’t last long!

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