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Here ya go!


our community is amazing.

January 23, 2010 § 1 Comment

I don’t know if you’ve been following the Yarn Harlot at all, but since she started tallying donations in 2004 to Doctors Without Borders from knitters, the total amount donated has exceeded one million dollars.

One Million Dollars.

Never put it past the knitters to help someone, or a nation, in need. I see this in my real life knitting group and in my online knitting community. It’s incredible to be a part of this generation. Thanks to Ravelry’s option for designers to donate via pattern sales, Help for Haiti, I was able to help a little bit by purchasing a pattern. I know it’s not much, but as Stevie Wonder said during the telethon last night, “A lot of littles make a lot of lots”, or something to that effect.

I bought and have been working on Althea from Through the Loops.

I’m one repeat past the heel since I took this photo, but it’s too late (inspiration strikes at funny times!) to get a current photo.The next photo will probably be of a finished pair. :)

Thanks for being awesome, everyone.

2009 knitting round up

January 15, 2010 § 2 Comments

I finished twenty-five projects last year. I always make fun of myself for never finishing anything, but that turns out to be about two projects a month! You should be able to click through to get to my Flickrstream to see more of the details. I still need to get buttons and modeled shots for my grandpa’s vest.

I ended up with:
two pairs of mittens
one pair of wrist warmers
five pairs of socks (one fewer than my goal for last year, but technically, I have a missing pair of knee highs that are all but finished kicking around somewhere at my house)
three baby sweaters
six hats hats
one pair of baby booties
four scarves
two sweaters
and one vest.

For 2010, I have a couple kind-of-resolutions.
1. Keep my things orderly and tidy. (Mostly)
2. Enjoy my time at home (even though my sister drives me batty).
3. Knit at least five items for charity/donation.
4. Knit at least one Kidney Kozy (or Cancer Cape, etc.).
5. Get fit and feel great about myself.
6. Donate my old clothing and bed sheets to local organizations.
7. Meet up with the fabulous ZPDK as often as possible.
8. Help out at the Wonder Farm this summer.
9. Spend as much time with my grandparents over the summer.

I’m very thankful for my life and those who are in it. I realized that I am a very fortunate person compared to the majority of the world and I want to make sure I constantly remind myself that I’m doing alright.

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