June 2, 2010 § 3 Comments

I think today was a rather productive day. I mailed out a package, dropped some clothes off at Goodwill, and put away all of my clothes. I even played a little bit of tennis with Cameron. In the next few days, I’ll be sorting through all of my crafty stash to put together a package for my Super Crafty Swap. I hope my partner won’t be too bummed that I can mostly only offer yarn from my stash because that’s mostly what I do. I don’t have much scrapbooking paper or anything because I think I threw that away (horror!) last summer when I cleaned out all of my stuff. At least I’ve got $10 to play with. I think I need to hit my local coffee shop, Northwoods. They have a bunch of cute little stuff that might be fun to include for my partner.

Well, I’m going end my evening with a cup of tea and some knitting. And junk TV.


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  • sarah says:

    what a timely post :) i was just stopping by to let you know that i added links to everyone’s blogs on the sidebar of my blog (i’m sarah, co-captain of the swap). thought we all might like to see what our fellow crafty swappers are up to.

    those socks in the post a few down are LOVELY!

  • Amy Duff says:

    Hey just dropping by my fellow swapper’s blogs to say hello! I’d say you did have a productive day indeed! Have fun with the swap!

  • Annie says:

    You finally posted something new! And the page is new! Well done.

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