Michigan Fiber Fest 2010

August 23, 2010 § 1 Comment

I got lots and lots of fun fluff to spin, mostly from Yarn Hollow. I buy something from Rita every year I go. It’s so amazing. I also bought a skein of merino/silk lace weight from Chris of Briar Rose, plus a little sewn pouch that I forgot to ask who made it when I paid for the yarn. There were no tags other than price.

Bringing all of this fiber into my stash, along with looking through Bowerbird’s spinning archives, has made me realize that I just want to spin up everything I have as soon as possible so I can experiment with more. To date, I’ve spun mostly merino and blue faced leicester . When I have the space and time, I would like to buy a fleece and do everything myself from start to finish. I’ll try to post about this later.


§ One Response to Michigan Fiber Fest 2010

  • I’m glad you got to hang out at my booth for awhile. I’m sorry we weren’t able to get together this summer and that I couldn’t meet for lunch this week due to work. You are a wonderful lady and I wish you the best at school this year. I have a project that I HAVE to finish before I dip into my new Yarn Hallow and Briar Rose purchases. It’s funny how we go to Fiber Fest and continually buy from the same people. Hopefully one day my farm will be on the list of “Gotta Have”

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