Sweater of Stripes

October 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

I knitted this little sweater just to use up the yarn. The solid colors are Wildfoote sock yarn that I bought at least four years ago and couldn’t make it be anything I liked. I tried stranded mittens. The yarn ended up being too fine for my taste at the time. So, the yarn went back into hibernation. Then, my mom brought home three balls of Regia sock yarn from her trip to Germany to visit our old exchange student. I am not a fan of the pooling, so none of that got used up either. During the summer, while organizing my yarn stash, I realized that solid yarns matched perfectly with the browns and tans in the Regia yarn and inspiration struck. I have one little baby friend back home that I hope this fits.

Yarn: Wildfoote Luxury Sock from Brown Sheep (the solids, haven’t the slightest clue for color names because I acquired them pre-Ravelry)
Regia something or other (I had no idea how many colorways there were until I tried to find it on Ravlery!)
Needles: US 1.5
Pattern: Basic top-down raglan, four row stripes. I used intarsia to knit the button button bands. That was fiddly. Sewing the bottom hem was also fiddly, which is why I opted for ribbed cuffs. If it wouldn’t be such a pain to rip out the hem, I would, so everything would match.

Bottom line: I still have a bunch of yarn left over. Maybe the rest will be BSJs.


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