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October 23, 2010 § 1 Comment

My best friend’s mother bought me the blue Silky Wool and I had just over half a ball of the Felted Tweed (left over from Intuitive which I wore all day yesterday!). I thought a nice way to say thank you for the yarn would be to knit something for her, but two skeins wasn’t really enough for a scarf, but plenty for a hat, and who better to knit a hat than her first grandson. He’ll be a year old in about two weeks, so he definitely needs a hat to keep his bald little (big) head warm.

I used US3s for the ribbing and I used a tubular cast on from Ysolda. It takes about three times longer to get to the actual knitting, but the edge is so worth it. I’m very tempted to use it for my next pair of socks. For the body of the hat, I switched to US4, worked a couple stripes, then a traditional Norwegian star pattern, another stripe, and then I worked “2010” with intarsia. Then I used the crown decreases from Brooklyntweed’s Turn a Square hat.

I am very pleased with this knit. I have a second one in the works for another baby dear to me.


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  • You are an amazing! I love the gift and it’s very thoughtful. Thank you for sharing the techniques too. I’m actually starting to understand you. BTW, I actually loved knitting on the size 3 needles. A few months ago, I was freaked out about anything under a 7.

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