September 10, 2010 § 4 Comments

Every fall, my school hosts an expo-type event where all the organizations can set up booths and let everyone know what they’re about. As a result, we get Friday classes after noon cancelled so the students can attend K-Day (or Keweenaw Day). This marks the third year where I just went home after classes to enjoy the slightly longer weekend. Kelly and I rode bikes to class at 9 and after our only class, we rode downtown to the yarn/sew shop. I picked up a few fat quarters and some of my favorite Clover stitch markers.

Then for dinner I made chicken salad, like Cameron’s mom makes. I love it. It’s got grapes, pecans, lemon juice, and celery in it. I like to eat it with a slice of bread, homemade preferred, but Italian bread from the grocery store will do since I have yet to really try making bread.

This sock photo is misleading. I’m just finishing with the gusset decreases already. That’s what happens when I pair up handspun and an afternoon off.


we made pie

August 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

As with all good things, they come to an end. I try not to dwell on that, but there we are.

What was I to do but to finally go learn to make my grandma’s pie crust. I had a great time, as I usually do at the lake. I bought peaches for my pie, but I didn’t remember to put them in a paper bag to ripen, even though I bought them a couple days prior to baking. They took way too much effort to peel after blanching(?) them. My grandma told me she has had bad pie days, which made her feel like she shouldn’t have gotten out of bed that morning, said while laughing, of course. I told her that I figured that every pie I made wouldn’t always turn out, so this pie should only be practice for the bad pie days.

Here she is, mixing up her double batch of pastry, which was surprisingly simple to put together. I’m not much of a baker yet.

Funny story. My grandma bought an antique table that she had refinished and she was going to put it in the kitchen to replace that yellow table, which is well over forty years old. One day, my grandpa mentioned to her that the yellow table is where she made all her pies and if the table was gone, she couldn’t make any more pies, could she? She went with it and said yes, so that yellow table will be staying in the kitchen and the new table will stay on the porch for family dinners (and the first porch table came home with me!).

We ended up making a peach pie, a strawberry-rhubarb, a small dutch apple, and my grandma made a berry pie. We also make little tarts with the leftover pastry and fill them with jam or lemon curd.

Next up, new knitting!

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