Smooth Operator Sock on Water Fae

January 15, 2018 § Leave a comment

First FO of the year!

Pattern: Smooth Operator Socks

Yarn: Fiddle Knits Dye-A-Tonic Water Fae

Contrast cuffs, heels, and toes in No-Law Sock Yarn and I used the Centered Double Decrease instructions, as well as the rounded corner instructions for the Kitchener stitch.


a catch up

October 3, 2010 § 2 Comments

I’ve been meaning to blog since the middle of last week to catch up on the rest of September, but I kept putting it off in favor of spinning and knitting. And now I’m putting off homework, so here I blog.

Since we last met, I finished a pair of handspun socks, in record time for me, might I add. Just a week.

I knit a commission for a friend back home.

I decided to take Carrie’s advice and just knit my FC handspun into a hat, even though I have bad luck with hats. It fits! Who knew? The pattern is Felicity and I cast on 90 stitches, instead of the 70 in the pattern and used smaller needles to fit my pretty pretty yarn.

I went on a hike with Cameron and our roommates. The trees are even better today than when we went last weekend.

I spun some more yarn. I bought this roving at the Michigan Fiber Festival from Rainbow Yarns Northwest, who were in Michigan from Washington. This was my first time spinning polwarth and it was a treat. It’s a touch softer than merino and it spun up beautifully. I chain-plied it and got about 400 yards from the 4 ounces.

I’m trying my hand at design again. Most likely not for any real pattern to come of it, but just for something that I see in my head and I hope it works out.

And finally, I’m participating in Kirsten’s TTL Mystery Sock KAL 2010. I’m not going to put the sock up on my blog in case you want to play along and don’t have the time to start right away, but you can click through to my flickr and see my version here. Flickr will be a spoiler, so sorry about that if you’ve already been there before reading this post.

Happy Socktober!


January 25, 2010 § 2 Comments

Here ya go!

our community is amazing.

January 23, 2010 § 1 Comment

I don’t know if you’ve been following the Yarn Harlot at all, but since she started tallying donations in 2004 to Doctors Without Borders from knitters, the total amount donated has exceeded one million dollars.

One Million Dollars.

Never put it past the knitters to help someone, or a nation, in need. I see this in my real life knitting group and in my online knitting community. It’s incredible to be a part of this generation. Thanks to Ravelry’s option for designers to donate via pattern sales, Help for Haiti, I was able to help a little bit by purchasing a pattern. I know it’s not much, but as Stevie Wonder said during the telethon last night, “A lot of littles make a lot of lots”, or something to that effect.

I bought and have been working on Althea from Through the Loops.

I’m one repeat past the heel since I took this photo, but it’s too late (inspiration strikes at funny times!) to get a current photo.The next photo will probably be of a finished pair. :)

Thanks for being awesome, everyone.

go back to school, already!

June 23, 2009 § 2 Comments

Apparently, I don’t know the definition of “daily” because it has been months since I’ve posted. It took a month, but I got a job. It’s officially summer, and with a broken AC, I am really feeling it.

More later when I am not drenching the keyboard.


April 13, 2009 § Leave a comment

Today marks the first day of my last two weeks of classes of my freshman year of college. It’s surreal right now; it’s gone so fast. I can’t believe that by May, I will be a college sophomore. I have the rest of the day dedicated to reading and studying for my World Cultures class. The exams are impossibly hard and he always gives at least a 20% curve. Why he would do that, I have no idea. For the past few weeks I have definitely figured out that I must do the readings for classes, otherwise I do not do well at all. A few tests have come back horribly and I hope that I can fix that by the end of the semester.

March 7, 2009 § Leave a comment

I decided that I was just going to keep my Blogger blog the way it is and continue on with this blog. My old blog will be linked from my “About” page. Since I like to see photos when I’m reading blogs and I haven’t been home to block my Print of the Wave stole yet, I’m just going to show you some yummy Koigu that I got at Sheep’s Clothing in Valparaiso, IN last Thanksgiving weekend.

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